Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fire Ship Madness Attack Losses

Arr pirates!! I be having some exact numbers about the horrendous attacks of the new tactical unit - the Fire Ship and I be wanting to share that with ye.

I made this big picture with all the data so ye can see. 1 Fire Ship was sent against me Haven by a complete stranger who I never talked to or dealt with in any way before. It be giving me a headache trying to understand why someone would spend money sending a Fire Ship against another random (casher) player like me-self. I will be having a word with him in private on this matter, but let's look at the numbers:

So ye see 1 Fire Ship which has 12,600 offense was sent and was supposed to be killing at a 1:1 ratio exactly (or about) 12,600 defense. But this be not the case at all. It killed off 20,000 defense, which be 56.3% more than it was supposed to be doing. I know this because I carefully took again the same units the Fire Ship killed and saw the defense value (I did this via Secure in Haven window).

And more than that, there be complete madness in what units it be killing, seemingly taking out units which be not easy to have. As I wrote on the picture it be killing 3 units out of 12 in one case and 3 units out of 112 in another or 1 out of 2 (which is especially strange) versus 1 out of 60 in another troop type. So the percentage distribution of damage is totally not respected.

As I wrote in my previous post on the Fire Ship, it certainly be driving fear into Havens with such performance, especially now that I revealed to ye the exact figures. However, 12.600 defense be not a major issue for me to lose, I regained double that today alone, but with this analysis me'arr clearly say that it be (1) Not fair to kill off nearly 60% more units and (2) It be not fair to almost completely disregard the standard game rules on percentage distribution and I be wishing that I be getting a compensation for the unfair Ruby units lost (although I be sure I won't).

So what ye think? Lay yer thoughts below in me blog comments. Did ye experience the same and if ye did then share screenshots of yer battle to prove it as well, don't just be talking empty words.