Friday, May 30, 2014

I become a Dread Pirate

Arr pirates!! One of the exciting parts of the game is seeing progress and getting new titles. That medal right in the middle of the picture ye see is me new medal - I become a DREAD PIRATE!! Arrr!! May the seas and oceans tremble in fear at the sight of my approaching armada!! :)

So this evening me pirates and me'self are going to be ransacking our Rum stores and be drinking til we can drink no more!! Arr!! :) We be celebrating both our achievements and battles as well as the thousands of pirates, fleet and armada we have lost (not mercenaries as they be paid fer their work :P)

What ye think? Arr ye excited about getting medals as much as me'self or ye be feeling different 'bout all the things in the Pirate Diary? Put yer thoughts in me comments below.