Thursday, June 5, 2014

The New Powerful Fire Ship - 12600 Offense

Arr pirates!! Scary be the oceans when crew-less ships filled with fire up to the neck be roaming the waters! 'ere we got ourselves a new monster of the sea, a ship without a captain, a ship which be driving fear into all Havens - the Fire Ship!

Scared as pirates can be, some peace can be found in the fact that the Fire Ship costs 500 Rubies, which be meaning that it be a luxury only for the wealthiest of the captains out there. It be almost like paying directly for the destruction of yer enemy and a destruction that arrives in no more than 3 minutes maximum to yer Haven no matter how far the enemy may be.

There be some restrictions on this Fire Ship, so the wealthy captains may not send a whole fleet, but still 10 of these monsters or demon ships can be sent per day and attacks can be as frequent as one in every 2.2 hours.

Now let's look at the stats - what stats say ye? There be zero in every category, which be unlike anything else there is, but there be a massive offense of 12,600 points directed in 1 way to yer enemy with a special rule that it can destroy defense with a 1:1 ratio, which means exactly 12,600 defense will be destroyed by 1 Fire Ship (+ the super fast travel time of just maximum 3 minutes).

So will we see a lot of the Fire Ship in the ocean? That be indeed an interesting question. I recon all captains that be shopping a lot in the Smuggler's Den are certainly going to get some Fire Ships and also I think this be a creation of evil and hate, so all those who are in a feud or hate war with other captains will seriously consider the Fire Ship. What ye think? Will ye buy one or more of these? Leave yer thoughts in the comments below.