Monday, May 26, 2014

Adventure Mission Level 5

Arr pirates!! If ye be a true pirate then ye be very curious indeed and that be why I share here the dangers and the booty of the Adventure Mission Level 5 in Pirates Tides of Fortune!

Now fer those rascals who don't know, there be 2 types of adventure missions always - one is fer defense and one is fer offense. The one for defense ye got to send yer defensive units and visa versa for the offense.

The good thing here that I share with ye is ye can see how much army there is so when ye be doing the same missions ye can be prepared and know what to expect.

Adventure Level 5 - Defense Mission 

Ye see the first one I did was the defense mission 'cause I be wanting those Submarines and Gunboats. I like defense and I have tons of it for me Haven.

1224 Bonnies laid their life for this mission and it be well worth it. We shall drink a barrel of Rum in their name for their courage! But as a consequence me Rum consumption went down a lot also which I planned for.

Adventure Level 5 - Offense Mission 

And here we got the info fer the offense mission. So actually you don't have to choose one or the other, but can rip the benefits of both (well ye pay fer it). Here 596 brave Marauders fought hard as dogs that they be and brought to me Haven 11 Brethren Juggernaughts and 20 Brethren Frigates.

I be also collecting the exact information on offense and defense Prizes and Adventure Missions so if ye be wanting to contribute send me an email with the data, but ye gotta send quality stuff properly calculated or better not bother.