Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Increase Galleon Capacity by 20%

Arr pirates!! Fer those Rum drinking traders who haven't yet taken advantage of this, here I be explaining ye how to increase yer trading galleon's carrying capacity by 20% and more using idols.

Ido-what?? Ya, me know, me also knew nothing of idols when me started pirating and drinking Rum, but here be the secret fer ye:

1) Ye need Idols. These ye can get in the global missions which we regularly have. Here fer example the one that finished just at end of March was giving the rewards:

So ye see, fer gathering 80 of those Monk's Habits for the Global Mission ye get the reward of 100 Idols and the good news be that anyone almost can achieve this.

Now that ye know where to get Idols we go to the next step:

2) Ye go to the Smuggler's Den and on the menu, on the top right side there be a button "IDOLS" - click that and ye be taken to a sort of a shopping window where you can spend yer hard earned pirated idols.

3) Ye select GALLEONS and purchase 2 times for 100 Idols to increase yer galleon capacity by 10% and then again 10%, which be actually more than the 20% i said.

Now ye see that there be other choices as well, for example fer the Duelist ye need to spend 100 idols for the sketch, but there be no point in getting that if ye are not advanced enough to be training them. So in the beginning invest in yer trading capacity and later earn more Idols to spend more!