Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Free Boost Removed Permanently

Arr pirates!! Ye know we all be lovin' the last 5 minute free boost to speed things up, but alas, there be bad news, the powers that be have removed that ability completely so if ye be boosting anything at all ye be spending Rubies for certain!

Generally speaking, sure, this be an unpleasant development, but fer the serious pirates out there who be waiting for days for 1 building to get upgraded or thousands of pirates be in the queue fer the training and service of yer Haven, 5 minutes really does not pose much of a difference.

Even the daily raids can sometimes take many hours in scouting, sending the raid, waiting fer the troops to return. Even sending resources to yer friends or simply swapping scrolls for discoveries - all those things take hours and hours, so yes, it be not awesome, but me-self and me Rum drinking pirates - we be not having any major issues with the 5 minute boost removal.