Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Skins Half Prices and PVP Rewards

Arr pirates!! There be new wind in our sails in Pirates Tides of Fortune, so let's share few words with one another regarding these.

First up we have New Haven Skins called Chateau d'If and Rumrunner's Rock, both giving +1000 Defense and costing 5000 Rubies. Me favorite be the Chateau d'If - me think it be really nice. Did ye buy any of these? What do ye think 'bout the design? Put down in the comments.

Next, we have the new Lonely Captain Quest which be basically a smashing challenge to raid and murder other captains and their Havens. The more destruction ye be causing the more booty ye be getting as reward, with the top place getting 15,000 Rubies and 5 Pearls and, more important than all of that, a 5% reduction in the consumption of Rum, which be meaning same thing as a 5% increase in the army.

So it be good to scout a lot looking fer some easy targets, but to be honest my efforts be not successful 'cause I wanted to lose as little army as possible and find easy to kill enemy troops.

They be also combining the booty we raid in into a total gained amount, which be looking really nice, but, of course, it be a little bit misleading 'cause Rum only be having half the value compared to other resources.

Here ye see one of the targets me found with easy 38 Bonnies to be killed gave me 100 ranking points and 37 experience.

And last, but definitely not the least, we be getting half prices now in the Smuggler's Den, which means all the people who like to buy ships and units there should be super happy. Our new unit, the fast and high capacity ship, Dagger, for example, be costing now only 128 Rubies, which be a totally different story.

So what ye think about all these changes? Ye like or ye be hating them? How do ye think all these be a good step forward for Pirates Tides of Fortune or not? Put yer opinion down in the comments.