Friday, May 30, 2014

I become a Dread Pirate

Arr pirates!! One of the exciting parts of the game is seeing progress and getting new titles. That medal right in the middle of the picture ye see is me new medal - I become a DREAD PIRATE!! Arrr!! May the seas and oceans tremble in fear at the sight of my approaching armada!! :)

So this evening me pirates and me'self are going to be ransacking our Rum stores and be drinking til we can drink no more!! Arr!! :) We be celebrating both our achievements and battles as well as the thousands of pirates, fleet and armada we have lost (not mercenaries as they be paid fer their work :P)

What ye think? Arr ye excited about getting medals as much as me'self or ye be feeling different 'bout all the things in the Pirate Diary? Put yer thoughts in me comments below.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Global Mission Pointy End

Arr pirates!! The new global mission in Pirates Tides of Fortune be here and this time around we got to be ransacking Prizes to collect Rapiers, as many as ye can get yer dirty hands on!

Most pirates out there should make certain to grab the 100 idols fer 40 Rapiers and work to get the first prize of the ships for 100 Rapiers (naturally be getting some small amounts of Rubies on the way).

The more cutthroat pirates out there be targeting a much higher level of reward - they be collecting some unbelievable large quantities of Rapiers and getting many rewards.

What is yer plan? How many are you going to or are able to collect? Put down yer thoughts in the comments below.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Adventure Mission Level 5

Arr pirates!! If ye be a true pirate then ye be very curious indeed and that be why I share here the dangers and the booty of the Adventure Mission Level 5 in Pirates Tides of Fortune!

Now fer those rascals who don't know, there be 2 types of adventure missions always - one is fer defense and one is fer offense. The one for defense ye got to send yer defensive units and visa versa for the offense.

The good thing here that I share with ye is ye can see how much army there is so when ye be doing the same missions ye can be prepared and know what to expect.

Adventure Level 5 - Defense Mission 

Ye see the first one I did was the defense mission 'cause I be wanting those Submarines and Gunboats. I like defense and I have tons of it for me Haven.

1224 Bonnies laid their life for this mission and it be well worth it. We shall drink a barrel of Rum in their name for their courage! But as a consequence me Rum consumption went down a lot also which I planned for.

Adventure Level 5 - Offense Mission 

And here we got the info fer the offense mission. So actually you don't have to choose one or the other, but can rip the benefits of both (well ye pay fer it). Here 596 brave Marauders fought hard as dogs that they be and brought to me Haven 11 Brethren Juggernaughts and 20 Brethren Frigates.

I be also collecting the exact information on offense and defense Prizes and Adventure Missions so if ye be wanting to contribute send me an email with the data, but ye gotta send quality stuff properly calculated or better not bother.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Skins Half Prices and PVP Rewards

Arr pirates!! There be new wind in our sails in Pirates Tides of Fortune, so let's share few words with one another regarding these.

First up we have New Haven Skins called Chateau d'If and Rumrunner's Rock, both giving +1000 Defense and costing 5000 Rubies. Me favorite be the Chateau d'If - me think it be really nice. Did ye buy any of these? What do ye think 'bout the design? Put down in the comments.

Next, we have the new Lonely Captain Quest which be basically a smashing challenge to raid and murder other captains and their Havens. The more destruction ye be causing the more booty ye be getting as reward, with the top place getting 15,000 Rubies and 5 Pearls and, more important than all of that, a 5% reduction in the consumption of Rum, which be meaning same thing as a 5% increase in the army.

So it be good to scout a lot looking fer some easy targets, but to be honest my efforts be not successful 'cause I wanted to lose as little army as possible and find easy to kill enemy troops.

They be also combining the booty we raid in into a total gained amount, which be looking really nice, but, of course, it be a little bit misleading 'cause Rum only be having half the value compared to other resources.

Here ye see one of the targets me found with easy 38 Bonnies to be killed gave me 100 ranking points and 37 experience.

And last, but definitely not the least, we be getting half prices now in the Smuggler's Den, which means all the people who like to buy ships and units there should be super happy. Our new unit, the fast and high capacity ship, Dagger, for example, be costing now only 128 Rubies, which be a totally different story.

So what ye think about all these changes? Ye like or ye be hating them? How do ye think all these be a good step forward for Pirates Tides of Fortune or not? Put yer opinion down in the comments.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Free Boost Removed Permanently

Arr pirates!! Ye know we all be lovin' the last 5 minute free boost to speed things up, but alas, there be bad news, the powers that be have removed that ability completely so if ye be boosting anything at all ye be spending Rubies for certain!

Generally speaking, sure, this be an unpleasant development, but fer the serious pirates out there who be waiting for days for 1 building to get upgraded or thousands of pirates be in the queue fer the training and service of yer Haven, 5 minutes really does not pose much of a difference.

Even the daily raids can sometimes take many hours in scouting, sending the raid, waiting fer the troops to return. Even sending resources to yer friends or simply swapping scrolls for discoveries - all those things take hours and hours, so yes, it be not awesome, but me-self and me Rum drinking pirates - we be not having any major issues with the 5 minute boost removal.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Level 54 - The higher you are the harder it gets!

Arr pirates!! Me grow into level 54 in the past hour! A great celebration be taking place in me Haven - be sure we will not be finding a lot of our Rum tomorrow morning - Arr!! :)

The higher ye get the tougher is the road and some of ye know I run without a BH, so it is a challenge indeed, but me pirates be successful so far and as long as we got a heap of Rum to clench our thirst we be fighting with swords, guns and cannons blazing forward - Arr!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dedicated Ship for Grabbing Booty - Dagger

Arr pirates!! Let's talk about the new ship they be building at the Smuggler's Den - the Dagger! There be no pirate who wouldn't stand with his one eye wide open looking at the Dagger ship. It be boasting a massive raiding capacity of 750 so 67 Daggers can be hauling 50,000 booty. In addition to that, it be so fast that it can make 1 trip in the same time as our fastest ships would take 4 trips to accomplish. That be thanks to its fast sails giving it a whooping 90 mph speed.

However, on the downside, it be pretty naked and not capable of fighting nothing but a tiny defense force, so it be just a dedicated ship for grabbing booty from havens where ye know there be no defense whatsoever.

Then, of course, being a Smuggler's Den creation, it be not freely attainable. Ye be needing a good amount of Rubies for this fast Dagger. As a matter of fact, if we do a quick little calculation we can say that if ye send a full force of 50,000 resource stealing, fast as the wind, Daggers and ye happen to run into an ambush or lose them for whatever other reason then ye be looking at a loss of Rubies in the region of 15,000, which be a massive blow.

So there ye go, ye be seeing both strong benefits and risks and ye gotta make yer own pirate mind about it. So what ye think? Will ye be making an order of these to the Smuggler's Den?

Pirates Tides of Fortune Art - 2 Ships Fighting

Arr pirates!! Me really respect people of the arts. It seems for some people drinking a pint of Rum is only good for dancing, singing and fighting, but fer some others it ignites something special deep inside and they be coming up with amazing pieces of art, so me be taking me hat off to those who can invade others not with a sword in the hand but a brush:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gyrodyne Scout Flying Dutchmen Killer

Arr pirates!! I bring sad news to those who care for their anti-scouting defenses made of the beloved Flying Dutchmen. I myself be very proud of them and keep a whole bunch of them defending me Haven, but lo and behold - the steam filled Gyrodyne Scout be a specialized killer of Flying Dutchmen.

Ye can see on the picture I put below that even though this high level pirate failed to scout me Haven and lost pretty much all of his Gyrodyne Scouts, he actually killed 17 of my Flying Dutchmen out of a big bunch which were defending. So a small force of Gyrodyne Scouts be strong enough to make kills even if they be confronted by a much larger force of Flying Dutchmen.

So beware ye lovers of defense, there be indeed a countermeasure designed to lessen the ranks of yer true defenders of the sky!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Careful don’t lose more than ye gain

Arr pirates!! Now we be talking 'bout Targets - their benefits and dangers. Naturally, there be benefits to gaining resources of all sorts (gold, lumber, rubies, gears, rum) from Targets and that be the reason why many pirates be wanting a piece of them. Especially the Ruby Targets.

But I want to tell ye - Careful! Don't ye lose much more than ye gain!

Ye see, we be getting also quests to capture and collect resources from Targets. That's 'cause the game be smart - they be creating situations for pirates to fight one another. Ye see on the picture an example of such a quest with a nice reward of 6 Man O' War vessels - but at what cost? Ye gotta hold the Target for 1 hour before ye can claim resources and that be difficult. If ye put only 1 Bonnie then other captains will capture it. Ye can try messaging and asking everyone not to capture, but let's face it, ye can't message them all and not everyone is "nice".

And if ye put up a huge defense making sure nobody captures then ye run the risk of someone sending a blind attack for example with 1000 Marauders as it happened to me recently and, in that case, even if ye win, ye be losing a lot of units costing ye much more than the reward from the Target.

So, be careful, try not to get into the situation where ye lose a lot more units for the sake of few.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Not Always Good Reward in Prizes

Arr pirates!! I forgot to post this one from end of April, but it be still important so here goes: Ye not gonna be getting awesome booty / loot from Prizes always, so be prepared fer some disappointments down the road.

Ye see here I be raiding a Prize level 18 Black Corsair and this be the highest level I did so far and also after 12 Prizes didn't give no rewards and I got, what I consider to be, very bad booty out of this of 94 Buccaneers and 20 Bonnie's Beauties. Now this be still some amount of resources, but I can train these units easily me-self so we be not needing such booty.

So be prepared to be disappointed sometimes with the Prizes' booty and keep sailing the seas with the wind behind yer sail - Arr!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pirates! May 8 New Global Mission

Arr pirates!! The new Global Mission be here 8th of May, so get yer Bonnies and Marauder training up and running full speed - Arrr! - and start collecting those maps!

Make ye sure to get the 100 Idols that be costing 40 Maps - this be super important 'cause ye can increase yer galleon capacity or do the new troops' discoveries with these.

Also do yer best to get the 100 Maps required for the 10 Brethren Gunboats. Why the Gunboats and not the Frigates ye ask? 'Tis because I strongly believe that sooner or later ye gonna lose yer offense units 'cause ye be raiding a lot every day, but it be not so often that someone raid ye Haven directly and so the defensive units simply live longer if ye take care of them.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Invisible Resources - Be Careful

Arr pirates!! There be invisible resources if ye be playing on full zoom out, so ye must be careful to make certain not to lose these. Have a look below the explanation:

See this picture be at maximum zoom out of me Haven, at the bottom, ye seen nothing but the beach and the water and me Castle and market. I added the zoom so ye can see the zoom level as well.

Next ye see I zoom in 2 scrolls of the mouse and still there be nothing interesting. Just the water, the waves and no resources whatsoever.

And now I zoom in 4 bars, almost maximum and still nothing, but a very slight hint of the invisible resource there which could be easily missed by a sleepy eye.

And finally here at maximum zoom in ye see the lumber resource becomes visible and ready for the collection.

Examples are a plenty, here another one, ye see at most top of me Haven just the advisers and the tip of me island, nothing more.

Then zooming in 2 times with the mouse scroll ye start seeing the tip of the lumber.

And zooming in more ye see both the treasure chest as well as the lumber which were completely invisible and hidden behind the advisers.

So, in conclusion, especially if ye drank a whole barrel of Rum, make certain that ye go to maximum level of zoom and carefully check every corner of the Haven to collect all resources!