Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Faster Training Speed for Prizes

Arr pirates!! Ye may be rushing putting yer hard earned pearls into the Witch Hut training fer speed fer yer pirates, but here I am to tell ya that also the speed of training be very important because when you are attempting to raid Prizes only with Bonnies and Marauders (not to lose good troops) then ye be having a big problem of training them in hundreds and thousands, because they be dying off much faster than ye be training then.

Both Bonnies and Marauders take 3 minutes to train 1 at regular speed and each point of training is going to cut down the training by 1 second. Now that be not sounding that excellent but consider large numbers. 10,000 Bonnies would take 30,000 minutes to train (or 500 hours or 21 days), now if you cut down the training by say a few seconds, let's say 3 seconds less then the same amount of Bonnies would take 30,000 seconds less which is 500 minutes less or 8 hours less. Triple that and you win a whole day of training.