Sunday, March 23, 2014

Attacking Prizes More Effectively

Arr pirates!! Fer the crazy strategic pirates out there I want to share a strategy where you can be more efficient and taking down those pesky Prizes.

The strategy is based on the different types of troops, example: ARMADA or PIRATE types. And the Prizes contain different proportions of these, so if ye could get some info on those Prizes ye could send the most efficient troops to take down the Prize. The good news is ye can do that! Ye can send 1 bonnie to whatever Prize and, sure, she will die, but it's all for a good cause as ye will get to see exactly what type of army they got there.

So here ye see the example of me Bonnie scouting:

So ye see that in this specific case there are only PIRATE type of defenses on this Prize so it be making no sense whatsoever to send for example Turtle or Junk Ships to defend this because this be super inefficient. In this case ye better be sending Bonnies or Skirmishers or actually if ye have some Dragon Ladies who are very good at Pirate Defense then it be best to use em here since they be drinking too much Rum anyway.

Here below is another example with a level 30 Prize where ye can immediately see that the attacking forces are heavily skewed towards ARMADA which means this is the time where ye be wanting to use yer Junk Ships as they be most effective against the Armada troop type with their 120 defense against that specific troop type.

Lastly, if ye don't got no extra Junk or Dragon Ladies or such then the most efficient be the simple old Bonnies since they have an average of 19 defense (without upgrades) against all troop types.